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It takes a lot more than pretty pictures and code to create a brand or build a website. If you build it, they will not necessarily come. First you have to ask a few questions. Why are you building it? Who are you building it for? And what do you plan to do with it once you've got it? Design Spike excels at helping you define your brand audience, both in the real world and in the digital world. Understanding human behavior and the psychology of how people react to brands and websites is key to creating user experiences. We identify the cracks before the leaks appear, and we get them fixed so you are poised for success from the start.

  • Brand positioning and strategy How strong is your brand perception within your industry? Are you capitalizing on every competitive advantage that sets you apart from the herd? Fear not; we’re happy to help create a custom-fit marketing plan just for you.
  • Functionality analysis What’s one thing you spend too much time doing every week/month/year that doesn’t help your bottom line but has to get done? Hopefully we can suggest just one new technology that’s both affordable and efficient, so you can run your business instead of your business running you.
  • Requirements definition By working with you, we define realistic goals, key performance indicators, and deliverables to monitor changes, measure successes, and repeat positive ROI.
  • Competitive analysis You'll receive a comprehensive report comparing the websites and branding of your industry peers. What pitfalls should you avoid? What best practices can you emulate?
  • Usability reviews "Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works." Users develop an affinity for your brand if your website makes them feel in control. We'll review your site for common usability pitfalls and provide ways to improve the user experience.
  • ADA compliance for websites With so much of our daily business being conducted on the web, it's important for your website to be accessible by visitors with various disabilities.
  • User interface planning and wireframing Maybe you have your own development team, or maybe you're working with ours. In any case, we start every web project with professional sketches that fully explain how the finished product will function.
Web Design and Development

The design of your website often speaks louder than the words. Whether you're building a database-driven e-commerce site or an informational site that uses the latest techniques in search engine optimization, a simple, user-friendly design is key to effectively communicating your brand experience. We make sure your online presence immediately conveys confidence, credibility, and trustworthiness, while bringing your ideas to life. Your vision is our vision.

  • Content management systems (Bolt, WordPress, custom CMS) Need to make updates on your own schedule? Bolt is a powerful, secure CMS that focuses on well-structured, customized content which aligns to how your business thinks.
  • Database and API integration (e.g.: CRM, ERP, inventory control) Our experienced, in-house developers excel at tying up loose ends. Talk with us about your custom integration needs.
  • Responsive design (web, mobile, desktop) It feels great to use a website that's been optimized for your device. Every site we make scales instantly to phones, tablets, and desktops. We design for touch, too.
  • E-commerce solutions (Shopify, Stripe, custom integrations) We love working on the Shopify platform to create featureful, easy-to-use online stores. And Stripe is perfect for custom checkouts.
  • Web copywriting/content creation A powerful content management system enables a strong website, but it doesn't guarantee one. We understand that the web requires organized, impactful content, and we'll help you get it made.
  • Complex web app development Most projects can get a head start from an off-the-shelf CMS or e-commerce solution. But some needs require a custom solution, using today's excellent frameworks like React and Laravel.
  • Maintenance plans The web changes so quickly and sites require frequent updates to their code and content. A maintenance contract ensures your site stays useful and fresh.
  • SEO-aware development Our developers follow modern SEO best practices when developing your website. Search engine bots need access to every page on your site and should understand every piece of content.

It's true, we kind of geek out when it comes to analytics. There is nothing we love more than taking data and feedback from your marketing efforts and turning that information into a long-term strategy for your company's growth. When you're ready for our team to manage your online presence on Social Media Platforms and/or Search Engine Marketing, give us a call.

  • Search engine marketing
  • SEO audits We don't believe in gimmicks. We'll show you how your site can cooperate with search engines to provide an organized structure that also benefits users.
  • Analytics interpretation and review What are users doing once they land on your site? We'll help you find the answers - and we can also help you find the right questions. Google Analytics is a flexible web site statistics system that enables custom integrations.
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media auditing/management

A strategic and meaningful identity is essential to conveying a professional brand image. The more distinct and memorable your brand is, the more clients and potential clients will understand who you are and what you're about. Whatever message you're trying to convey with your brand, our designers will make certain nothing is lost in transition.

  • Tactfully designed logos and branding
  • Corporate color scheme development
  • Style guidelines
  • Usage guides A well-defined brand is a finely tuned machine — it requires an instruction manual for optimal use. A Brand Usage Guide explains how to apply the aspects of your brand to both digital and print mediums.

From business cards and letterhead to custom one-off ads, we can handle your print. Our team has decades of experience in the print industry and we would be happy to manage your project—from idea and design to stock selection, press checks, and delivery. Let us know what you need, and we're on it.

  • Business sets Nothing says you’ve got your act together quite like a polished and well-designed business card, letterhead and envelope package. Take that internet.
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Environmental graphics Need your brick and mortar location designed to reflect your brand and unique style and vision? Yep, we can help with that too.
  • Custom pieces (clothing, vinyl, vehicle wraps, etc)  Everything associated with your brand matters, alot. Our team is able to execute across a wide variety of mediums and logo applications. Let’s get creative. You want the logo bigger, don’t you? Of course you do.
  • Letterpress capabilities
Other Marketing Services

  • Project management
  • Email newsletter creation Whether you’re blasting, keeping constantly in contact, mailing to chimps at the zoo, or merging onto the digital newsletter highway, we can help you format, color-code, organize, database integrate, and create your recurring message of keeping staff up-to-date and your customers coming back to you.
  • Reputation management
  • Art direction for photography and video
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