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Referral Program

Hook Us Up With Your Friends. We'll Reward You For The Introduction.

Already a Design Spike client? If so, we want to work with more great people like you. We figure the person most likely to know more folks like you is, well, you. If anyone comes to mind, do you think you could just send our website their way and ask them to contact us? They don't even have to be your attractive friends, we're not superficial.

We'd really appreciate your help. In fact, we'll gladly give you your choice of any of the following tokens of our appreciation for every person that ends up hiring us:

$100 gift certificate to Faces & Toes - permanent makeup, manicure and pedicure

$100 gift certificate to Wild Sage Bistro

$100 gift certificate to Steam Plant Restaurant and Brewery

2 tickets to an approved show at The Spokane Civic Theater or Bing Theater (subject to show prices and availability)

Know someone who we can help?

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"You are all SOOO collaborative, approachable, and easy to work with. You all have different strengths, but you are all so great to work with."

Lisa Trefts
NW Trustee

Shout it from the mountaintops and be handsomely rewarded