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Case Studies / Next Generation Zone

Next Generation Zone hires Design Spike to create a multi-media career platform, Passport to Success.

The Next Generation Zone, a part of Spokane Area Workforce Development Council, focuses on workforce training, education, and job opportunities directed at teenagers and young adults. By using the same overall marketing and branding, Next Generation Zone found the solutions they offered were often difficult to access. Next Generation Zone partnered with Design Spike in early 2015 to develop a standalone Passport to Success web app that would be accessible on all screen sizes and devices. The site delivers a better user experience and is now up to 125 Passport Program enrollments.

Over 125 enrollments in four months

Used by students in Kirkland, Bothell, Seattle, Spokane Region, Minneapolis, and Alaska

Next Generation Zone

Helping students, teachers and counselors guide themselves through the career planning process

Next Generation Zone worked with another organization to create a series of static documents that created a roadmap for career development. The Passport was converted in to a series of static pdf documents which students, teachers, and counselors would download, complete, and use as a career guide. Additionally, the Passport was buried in a section of a non-mobile responsive parent website that was clearly marketed to a different demographic. Information about the Next Generation Program, job boards and the passport was difficult to access. After all of the time and effort put into developing the Passport to Success as a resource, it was not being maximized.

Next Generation Zone needed its own website that it could update and that would meet the demands of its target demographic, who uses cell phones and tablets to access and use the web.

Next Generation Zone also wanted to work with a company that could understand its marketing, branding, and requirements without much guidance.

After meeting with several other agencies and receiving multiple RFPs, Next Generation Zone partnered with Design Spike in order to efficiently execute an end product that was attractive and easy for students and teachers to use and download Passport resources.

"The new website has helped give new life for our young adult program. It is easy for youth, community members, and businesses to find what they need. It also hosts the Passport to Career Success, which is something we designed but Design Spike truly brought the web-based version to life."

Jessica Cato portrait

Jessica Cato
Workforce Program Manager
Spokane Area Workforce Development Council

Meet the custom built, multi-media Passport to Success

Design Spike's suggested automating and tracking student's progress through the Passport to Success. Students would need the ability to login via social media or by creating their own account, and save or track progress across multi-visits without losing any information or progress. Design Spike built a multi-media platform that includes online forms and a secure account system.

Screenshot of Passport to Success main checklist page

The Passport to Success is scalabile. The database remembers students' completed tasks, and a status bar automatically updates the remaining number of tasks required.

Screenshot of Mentorship Q & A page

Prebuilt forms are linked throughout the task list. These forms are automatically saved whenever a field is changed and the user can return to their form at any time without losing any data. The form can be printed for personal use.

Google Analytics charts

Since the content managed website was launched, over 125 students have signed up and used the Passport. The passport work sheet page is the third most visited page on the site behind the home page and the Find a Job page. Overall reaction has been very positive.