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ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility Services

With so much of our daily business being conducted on the web, it's important for your website to be accessible by visitors with various disabilities. We can make most sites accessible by testing them with a screen reader, and then revising the content with proven best practices. Since great websites require constant attention, it's also recommended that organizations establish an accessibility policy to maintain high standards.

Title III of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has been upheld by the Department of Justice as requiring organizations that offer services to the public to provide accessible website content. Though specific guidelines have never been provided, we recommend that larger organizations — or those who wish to serve the widest possible customer base — pursue high accessibility standards.

Plans and Pricing

Website Accessibility Report

A Design Spike®, Inc. consultant reviews your site with screen reader software to determine its accessibility against leading industry standards. You’ll receive a report explaining which pages or pieces of HTML code are problematic, as well as recommendations for how to fix each item according to best practices.

Accessibility Repairs

Based on findings from the Accessibility Report, the Design Spike development team works with your staff to implement the recommended fixes. We’ll provide a list of changes that were made, to ensure that the problems found during the Accessibility Report have been addressed.

Internal Accessibility Policy

A Design Spike consultant works with your web maintenance team to develop a company policy for site maintenance. This ensures that your site remains highly accessible as your team adds new content. You’ll receive a policy document outlining how ADA requirements should be considered as content moves through your editorial process and onto the website, as well as any specific techniques needed to ensure a high level of accessibility.

Accessibility Statement

Design Spike works with your web team and your legal representation to develop an accurate, helpful, and brief ADA statement for placement on your website.

Let's make your site accessible.

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